Folklore Story

  • The less cultural heritage we leave for the next generations, the poorer the identity of this nation will be.
  • The wealth and diversity of traditional Macedonian culture are most impressively expressed in folk costumes with all their originally Macedonian ethnic features. Macedonian folklore is widely known for its authenticity and nature.
  • Macedonia is a country with a respectable folklore tradition, a country where every inch of land is an archaeological site, every stone is history, folklore that is authentic in its nature.
  • We learn from the past, but we also learn from the people who exist in the present, we form and adapt a tradition in the present to suit current interests and experiences.
  • The richness and variety of the folklore heritage, and especially the Macedonian folk costume with the richness and variety of clothes in various forms, applications, decorations, their color, and striking ornaments are the motive and inspiration for this design collection, as an emotional and artistic reaction to the present.
    Each model from the collection is a designer blend of contemporary fashion design and traditional folklore motifs. A blend of tradition and modernity in which the designer’s folklore story is told through a photo session and a video recording.
  • Every stake in the folklore heritage is a stake in the future, leaving a mark and heritage for future generations. Each generation leaves its mark in history with its way of life. He tells his story in a way typical of the times in which he lives. Today, when we live in a time when less and less attention is paid to the Macedonian folklore heritage, the multimedia project, “Folklore Story” is an ideal way to promote and advertise the folklore heritage through internet promotion.With the purpose of affirmation and dignified presentation of Macedonian fashion, as an undisputed actor in the culture of a nation, the idea of ​​the project, “Folklore story” was born, where through a well-thought-out story, a fusion of the past and the present is made as a stake in the future. As active actors in the culture of a nation, as creators of the present, it is our duty and legacy to leave as much cultural legacy as possible for future generations because the smaller the legacy, the poorer the identity of this nation.
    “Folklore story” is the design cry of the Macedonian fashion designer Natasha Karcheva, owner of the Macedonian fashion brand Al Apparel, for raising awareness and preserving what was left to us as a legacy and bequest from our ancestors.
  • No future can be built without the past, no history can be created without creating in the present.